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About Britain – Leith Hall

September 10, 2021

For a turn of the 1980s flash back to Leith Hall in 1979, About Britain made an episode on the...

Friends of Leith Hall

July 9, 2020

Support the property, NTS staff and local volunteers at Friends of Leith Hall at Facebook Groups. More details on community...

Pitsligo’s Horse 1745-46

May 6, 2020

THE ARMY OF PRINCE CHARLES EDWARD (link) © A. McKenzie Annand and permission to link to article provided by Journal of the...

Salamanca 1812

July 6, 2018

Chapter 5, Leith and Maucune in Rory Muir's Salamanca 1812 contains information on Andrew Leith-Hay and his uncle James Leith...

Leith-Hay Family of Leith Hall

Welcome to the Leith-Hay family site. These pages are intended for all those associated with the name Leith and particularly those descendants from William Leith of Barns, Provost of Aberdeen in the mid to late 1300‘s and ancestor of the main line of the ancient family of Leith Hall in Kennethmont Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The site is also a source on the various lines of the earlier Leith family and the purpose is to show the history and in particular the family’s origins and traditions in Scotland. It aims to provide as much information about the past generations  who lived there from the Lairds and their families to more distinguished and famous military men and the lives of various women whose lives have been recorded as well as the every day descendants of the family into to early 20th Century. Contributions from anyone with a link to the Hall are more than welcome and the site is meant to be inclusive of all with a link to the Hall whether they are related to the family or not. Above all the purpose of this site is to provide a complete picture of this Scot’s family from its rise and fall with a focus on the individuals who shaped its history.

The site is also a source on genealogy and tartan and heraldry and will hopefully facilitate the communication and awareness for descendants of the family worldwide of various different lines that branched out and have a connection. This site will also be frequently under construction and will change in appearance. Any information which could be included into the family archive is welcome as well as suggestions to improve the site.

Images related to the family

The Tartan Register

The Tartan Register dates the Hay and Leith Tartan to 1/1/1819 designed y Wilsons of Bannockburn. The 1906 image from the Tartan’s of the Clan and Septs of Scotland shows the Hay and Leith modern version.

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