A history of the Leith Hall family can be sourced from the work titled the Baronage of Scotland: Containing An Historical and Genealogical Account of Gentry of that Kingdom Collected from the Public Records and Chartularies of This Country, the Records and Private Writings of the Families and Works of Our Best Historians Vol 1. published in Edinburg in 1798.This volume compiled in the mid to late 1700’s stops at John Leith IV on his father’s passing in 1863 and does not include the details of Alexander Leith and the later Leith-Hay family. The continuation with less details and omission of the primary source can be accessed by opening the later work and copy of the original of the Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland Vol 2 by John Burke in the 1830’s digitised by Google. (Leith-Hay family history)

The tree on this site will follow John Leith’s descendants although the above Scot’s Baronage also provides details on the earlier cadet families branching out until that time. The images below follow James Leith’s family. His image is unconfirmed and it is unclear if any of him exists.

Click here for information about the first recorded Leith’s from this family from the 1320’s onwards. William Leith of Barnis or Ruthrieston Provost of Aberdeen and his son Laurence also Provost between 1401-3 and also possibly after the Battle of Harlaw in 1411. Sourced from the Memorial of the Aldermen, Provosts and Lord Provosts of Aberdeen 1272-1895.