Leith Hay family site launched

November 10, 2012
This blog is intended to provide any updates on the progress of this site. It is expected the the layout will change as further information is included on the family. The purpose of this site is also to provide a complete picture of this Scot’s family and it’s history which has not been properly done so to date. It is also a search on one’s own past and of a family that has been lost for various reasons, yet yields rich material and a colourful story up to the present day. It is also not meant as glorified version of this family, but rather a truthful account showing the feuds, adventures and tragedies of the people concerned. Both the positive and negative. Many further short biographies will be added on each person, time permitting.

I hope that it will also open up a means of communication to various lines of descent that can be traced from the earliest Leiths.

The main page can be accessed at; Leith Hay