Wider Leith DNA project

May 28, 2017

More info to come.

Note: If anyone with the surname Leith is interested in a Y-DNA project, please email from the main page.The name is a rarer and in terms of Y-DNA only two branches from the earlier Leith Hall family survive today from the Glenkindie line and Leith-Ross’ of Arnage families. The Leith-Hay’s descendants from Andrew Leith-Hay and General Alexander L-H’s second son’ Rear Admiral John Leith’s (later Forbes-Leith) families both having a break in the male line in the first half of the 20th century as a result of the Boer War and WWII. There are of course other links, yet to be explored, which may open potential Y-DNA matches beyond known linkages.

The site has no affiliation with the present Leith/Leath Family Tree DNA project, but encourage anyone with the name to add to it.