Norman’s family members

September 15, 2013

Further to Norman Leith-Hay story his descendants have been updated and these photos are all courtesy of Norman’s daughter Barbara’s descendants. Thank you M. C and A. N. for sharing them.

Barbara must have inherited her father’s travel genes and had an equally exciting life story to tell. She left the United Kingdom at a young age, married a soldier, who saw duty in Ireland, Malta and India. After years away she returned with her family to Liverpool and it is from this family that a large number of the Leith Hay family’s descendant’s from Andrew’s fourth son live in the UK and even in ANZ in the present day as did their ancestor Norman.

Below Barbara LH later Maxwell


Her oldest son Alexander Leith Maxwell


Her eldest daughter Charolotte and husband Daniel ancestors of

much of the present family


Photo credits to Charlotte and Daniel’s descendants

who live in the UK