Violet Norma Gibson – later Jessop

March 24, 2014

v n g Focusing again on female family members, Florence Leith-Hay’s eldest daughter provides a significant link in the early 20th Century to her ancestral home on her mother’s side. The section on Florence Leith-Hay can be accessed from the below link. The photo is reportedly taken at the Hall or for her confirmation in Westerham in England.

Her daughter Violet left behind well preserved material from Edwardian Britain from her own journey between 1908-09. The attached voyage of the Persic and return a year or more later providing a record on travel back in the day.

A travel log can be obtain from the following link Persic22-email   (apologies for the copy quality)


The well preserved photos from her time in Scotland with her uncle and aunt (Bessie Hirst Mary Elizabeth Leith-Hay) providing brief glimpses into the life at the Hall and Kennethmont as well as Aberdeenshire at the time. They also show her newly married uncle and his wife Henrietta as well as providing a personal touch in the form of signatures of the times from the family and people she encountered.

The attached Fyvie material also showing the importance still afforded to the old feudal ties a country laird and his wife had in society 100 years ago before the change in the social fabric of society between and post wars, which I guess has become weekly viewing for millions following more modern day adaptations of the times such as the Crawley’s and their fictional Abbey.

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Program accessible here. empire day celebs-email

The images from her time are again viewable in the Album section or below.