Georgle Leslie L-H, Jean Leith Hay and Doreen Leith-Hay

November 1, 2015

The image below from the family albums displays Jean Leith-Hay, Mrs George Leith-Hay (nee Allen) and Doreen Leith-Hay in approximately 1907. Jean was the elder daughter of Charles Edward Norman Leith-Hay’s younger brother George Leslie Leith-Hay who was also born in Australia. George was a wine merchant in his day and primarily resided in London. Jean and her then 4-5 year old sister Doreen’s Signatures are on the site. Jean lived much of her adult life in Marlborough, Wiltshire where she founded and operated  The Polly Tea Rooms with her partner Janet Mcloud (a suffragette from the time) Jean’s younger sister Doreen married Edward Hegarty in 1925 and had one child Elizabeth Ann Hegarty, later Edwards from her marriage in 1958. Elizabeth passed in 1997 in West Somerset. Doreen passed as Doreen Hay-Will following her 2nd marriage to a former RAF Squadron leader.


Jean Leith Hay and Doreen LH