A Narrative of the Peninsular War by Andrew Leith Hay


Andrew’s work on the Peninsular War is considered one of the major 1st hand accounts of the Peninsular War. A Literary Gazette and Journal review of the book in 1839 some 8 years after its original 1st edition publication describes the work as follows. “Sir Andrew Hay’s opportunities for observation were so favourable, and his talent for making a good use of the so obvious, that we are not surprised at this volume reaching a third edition. The map with which it is illustrated is peculiarly acceptable at this time, when every newspaper tells us of Spanish affairs, most difficult to be understood without such assistance; and, in truth, not very readily to be comprehended with it.

The work is illustrated by his own hand from the various locations in Spain and Portugal he took part in the campaign as aide-de-camp to his uncle Liet General James Leith or as an intelligence officer throughout the whole war.

The book can be accessed online on various sites as an ebook or pdf.

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