Trustie to the End – The Story of the Leith Hall Family by Marion Lochead and Henrietta Leith-Hay

The most detailed book on the Leith family or Chiefs of the House is Trustie to the End – The Story of the Leith Hall family. This was written in the 1950’s by Marion Lochead and Henrietta Leith-Hay and published in 1957. This details the whole line and is particularly informative on the John Leith line as the book is  largely derived from family letters and diaries, which there were many.


A note on the ending is that  the book is incorrect as the main line was not dead. The family continued at the time from the last Lairds father’s brother’s family and also his father’s sisters’ families in Australia.

The description on the dustcover reads as follows. Trustie to the End tells the story of the Aberdeenshire family of Leith, later Leith-Hay, who have lived at Leith Hall since 1650. The account of the fortunes and achievements of the members of the family through the centuries is full of interest and entertainment.

Many of the had colourful experiences and from the eighteenth century they were prominent in military circles. The family were enthusiastic Jacobites and Andrew hay of Rannes played an active part in the ’45. Two later descendants became generals and raised regiments in the Napoleonic Wars. General Sir James Leith  who commanded a division in the Peninsular War is buried in Westminster Abbey. Another descendant served in India at the time of the Mutiny and the last laird was carrying on the military tradition when he was killed.

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