Memoirs of the Late Lieutenant-General Sir James Leith with a Precis of some of the Most Remarkable Events of the Peninsular War 
by a British Officer – Andrew L-H

April 21, 2013


Ebook accessible and downloadable in the Library under Lieut General Sir James Leith.

Thanks to Google for the nice scan.

Please make no commercial use of this volume.

Part of the cover hangs on the wall at the Hall and well kept by the N T Scotland. It was commissioned by Andrew L-H for his part in one of the last major engagements on Spanish soil during the Peninsular war 200 years ago today and serves as a reminder of events long ago.

Thanks to a Benjamin Burrell of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for the image. The only known and confirmed image is of the bust held at the Hall which was intended for his burial at Westminster.