Short bio details for some of the old family members have been completed.

May 2, 2013



The site was intended to encompass biographical details of the family and descendants.

So far a few of the family members have their bio’s in the Genealogy section.

Updated bio’s were done on.

Andrew Leith-Hay

-Andrew’s 3rd son James Leith-Hay

-James’ grandson Russell Constantine Charles Phipps through his  daughter Norma Caroline Georgina L-H

-James’ daughter Florence and her family in Australia

-James’ daughter Norma and her husband in Australia 

Most of the earlier Leith’s have well recorded information on their lives. John Leith III and his wife Harriet will soon be updated. The circumstances of his death have provided so much information on him that he is relatively well documented and known including the butt of ghost stories including (a fanciful TV documentary) The site is, however, more of an attempt to correct those missing links who have little information recorded about them)